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Awesome product

This is my new favourite product, does not disappoint ❤️

Love this product

I can’t say enough about it, this is my go to. I have many other mica powder brands and this is my all time favourite. The colours are so vibrant and makes all my projects pop

Love this product

I have a variety of mica powders of different brands, since I bought this, it is now my go to. I absolutely love it, it has depth and it just makes all my projects pop.

Variety Pack #3 (Rainbow Mix)
Windsor Plywood Red Deer
Variety Pack Three

I love #3 because it comes with everything from the basic Black and White and then you also get the nice bright colors, Seafoam and Ruby Red which are two favourites.

Peacock Green
Ivo De bree
Beautiful colour... Love it

Great colour.

The only thing now is how to keep the swirl in the rivertable... Becouse I use 5 cm thick epoxy it takes about 14 hours to get steady. On 20 degrees.
The challenge is now to keep the swirl from sinking to the bottom. Any thoughts about that?

Great fall colors set

More colors than I will ever be able to use. Surprisingly no red though.

Hey Cliff,
Thanks for the 5 star review. You should have received the Blush Red, Ruby Red and Clay Red in this variety pack. You can always mix colours if one of those tones isn't the exact one you are looking for.
Hope that helps!

Violet Blue (C/S)
Harrison Dickie
Great colour

Bought this to test out on a charcuterie board. It looks amazing, will definitely use this often!

Mark Harris
Nice color, and nice blending

I really like the way this color came out. One of my favorites.

Variety Pack #5 (Full Set - 78 Colors)
Daniel Moroz
So Many Options

I recently received Variety Pack 5 and am almost overwhelmed at all my options. The variety of colors is excellent, giving me unlimited ideas. I really like that this Pack includes COLOR SHIFT and GHOST pigments as well as the standard color options. When I started this hobby about a year ago, I purchased a variety pack from a competitor and although it was good, this one is Great!

Ruby Red
Josh Drake
Ruby red pigment

Loved the pigment, it was the nicest red I've used to date. It's didn't clump and it looked amazing