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  • Pearl Collection: This metallic series is best used to get a pearlescent effect in your resin pours.
  • Star Collection: This series has a slight shimmer and 'sparkle' effect when added to a pour.
  • Chameleon Collection: Each product name is defined by the two tone colour shift effect it will give once poured. 
  • Ghost Collection: Best used when mixed with a dark base colour.

Suggested : 1/8 teaspoon per 1litre will give you medium transparency  

A little bit of pigment goes a long way. We suggest to add a small amount to your pour and add a little bit at a time while throughly mixing in-between until you achieve the desired look. 

Make sure you are mixing throughly scraping the sides, bottom of your container and stir stick. You don't want the pigment to settle to the bottom of your container leaving large amount of flecks not stirred into the epoxy.


  • Translucent effect: Add a small amount of pigment so that you are able to see through your pour. 
  • Opaque effect: Add more pigment so you won't be able to see through your pour. Remember the pigment will be more concentrated in your mixing container than when you pour it out. 

To get an idea of how translucent it is, take a popsicle stick (or your stir device) and stick it into the container the depth of what you are pouring (IE if you are pouring 1.5" thick, put your popsicle stick in 1.5" deep into your cup). If you can see the end of it that means your pour will still be translucent and you will be able to see through it. Add more pigment until you can not see the end of the stir stick if you are looking for an opaque look. 

All online orders will ship within 2-4 business days. We are still a growing company and hope to one day have same-day shipping

There may be various reasons why you haven't received your order yet.

  • Packages shipping outside of Canada are subject to inspection at Customs which is out of our control. We do attach all the appropriate customs paperwork to make sure your package moves through customs as fast as possible.
  • Sometimes local weather could affect shipping times. 
  • If you are ordering during one of our larger sales, orders may be processed up to 6 business days due to higher volumes.

Depending on your location, yes possibly. Taxes, Duties, and customs charges may be applied to your package as it arrives in the country of destination. This amount is not controlled by us, but since we properly declare the package, it may acquire an extra charge along the way. If the package is rejected upon delivery due to accumulated duties and taxes to your destination, you will not be eligible for a refund. 

If you have a larger order than it will be shipped in more than one package. Please check your tracking number to see if there is more than one package in your shipment. They frequently have different delivery dates as it is possible they were processed at different times.

Simply tap the form with a rubber mallet to release the cured epoxy. Use caution around the corners of the form. Tap the middle portion of the walls and you will hear your pour 'release' from the form wall breaking away (When the form releases from the epoxy, it makes a loud “crack” when hit). The No Seal and One piece molds both have tapered walls which allows for easy release when getting your project out of the form.

Check out this video HERE for an example. 

Use this Mold Release to make your project pop out of your form easier 

Yes this is normal. These forms are designed to have flexibility in it so that your piece can pop out easily. 

We simply use clamps to make sure the wood piece sits flat to the bottom of the form. Depending on the layout of your wood will depend on you clamp it down. See this video HERE for an example. If you still notice a slight twist in your piece before pouring, Clamp it to your table. Once the clamps are removed after the Resin has cured, the flex in the form will make it easy to pop our your finished piece. 

You can pour up to a maximum depth of 3" when using these forms.

We have gotten 30+ uses out of one form so far with no issues. We still continue to test every week 

Use this Mold Release to make your project coming out of your form easier and help prolong the life of your form

Yes and No:

These molds are constructed from HMWPE (High Molecular Weigh Polyethylene) which is a smooth surface that high quality, slow curing resins won’t stick to. Once your epoxy/resin piece has cured, simply tap the sides and then the bottom to release your piece. To help prolong the lifespan of your mold we recommend this Mold Release. It is also best practice to use this Mold Release when using other brands of resin that we do not sell on our website.

1/4" or Less = UVPoxy

1" or Less = Super Clear 24 Hour

3/4" to 2" (if under 20L) = Flow Cast

1" to 4" Deep = Super Clear Liquid Glass

Use the below formula (In Inches): This tells you the exact amount you in need in LITRES

(Length) x (Width) x (Thickness) = X 
Divide this total (X) by 61 = Total amount of epoxy needed to fill the area
We always add 10 - 15 % more to compensate for any epoxy that might soak into the grain of the wood, leak or spill. It is also good to have extra to top off the pour if it sinks down within the first 8 hours (Which is common when is soaks into the wood grain).

CLICK HERE for Video Reference

If the Product is anything less than crystal clear DO NOT pour. There is nothing wrong with the product but it just needs to be heated up. Place the jug in a sink of hot water for 15 - 30 minutes to allow it to come back to it's liquid state.

Crystallization, Cloudiness or Gelling

On occasion the Resin (Part A) can build up crystallization / Gel in the container. It’s rarely the customer or the retailer's fault but often we ship these products via freight and they end up in cold storage for part of the trip meaning crystallization. Due to our manufacturing processes at this time it is possible for Gelling and Crystallization to happen, this often depends on temperature.

Once even a single crystal has formed it can seed the rest of the resin even if stored at a normal temperature until the entire jug is solidified. This can cause curing issues though generally it’s just the cloudiness and solidified product that you’re seeing. 

All you need to do is heat up the resin and it will completely clear out and liquify fully. Allow the Product to cool again to working temperature before use.

If you can Climate control an area we recommend 50-70c for 8 hours or 120-140f

All resin brands can have different ratio pours so make sure to read carefully the instructions on your container before pouring. These are the pour ratio's for the resin we sell on our website

Super Clear Resin Ratio:

  • 2:1 ratio (2 Parts of A resin to 1 Part B of Hardener)

Ecopoxy Flow Cast Ratio:

  • 2:1 ratio (2 Parts of A resin to 1 Part B of Hardener)

Ecopoxy UVPoxy:

  • 1:1 ratio (1 Parts of A resin to 1 Part B of Hardener)

Dry times vary greatly due to the circumstances of the poured area such as temperature, humidity levels, temperature of the product and thickness of the pour.

FlowCast: 72 Hours depending on temperature, humidity and thickness. Ideal pouring temperature is 21-27ºC (70-80ºF)

UVPoxy: 48 Hours. Ideal pouring temperature is 21-27ºC (70-80ºF)

Note: When pouring over 6-9 gallons at a time with casting resin, using fans to aerate the air in the room will help the resins cure better, more consistently & will help prevent any exothermic heat reaction.

Reasons could be: Low temperature, Off-ratio mixing, Insufficient mixing, High humidity, Incorrect resin or hardener, Incorrect product for that specific project. Off-Ratio Mixing: If your ratio’s are even slightly off, by either adding too much or too little hardener this will result in affecting the cure time of the batch or having it cure at all. High Humidity Levels: High humidity levels over 75% can also cause product curing issues. Incorrect resin or hardener: Using different lines of our products together can definitely cause under curing or overreacting resins. Insufficient mixing: Always mix thoroughly with a drill and slow speed mixer for at least 3-4 minutes. You may not have mixed long enough for the resin and hardener to properly mix together

We recommend Walrus Oil: 

Cutting Board Oil : Best for your charcuterie boards

  • Sand between 320 - 600g

Furniture Finish : Best for finishing for your furniture projects

  • Use on hardwoods sanded between 220 - 400g
  • The lower the grit the deeper the oil will soak in. The higher the grit the smoother the wood will feel.

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