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Suggested : 1/8 teaspoon per 1litre will give you medium transparency  

A little bit of pigment goes a long way. We suggest to add a small amount to your pour and add a little bit at a time while throughly mixing in-between until you achieve the desired look. 

Make sure you are mixing throughly scraping the sides, bottom of your container and stir stick. You don't want the pigment to settle to the bottom of your container leaving large amount of flecks not stirred into the epoxy.


  • Translucent effect: Add a small amount of pigment so that you are able to see through your pour. 
  • Opaque effect: Add more pigment so you won't be able to see through your pour. Remember the pigment will be more concentrated in your mixing container than when you pour it out. 

To get an idea of how translucent it is, take a popsicle stick (or your stir device) and stick it into the container the depth of what you are pouring (IE if you are pouring 1.5" thick, put your popsicle stick in 1.5" deep into your cup). If you can see the end of it that means your pour will still be translucent and you will be able to see through it. Add more pigment until you can not see the end of the stir stick if you are looking for an opaque look.